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What Can You Do About Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are brown and ovular shaped parasites which consume peoples’ blood. Bedbugs have been more common in North America since the 20th century. A painful mark and an itching pain is left on a person upon a bedbug bite. The bite, however, is not infectious. Unlike cockroaches and other pests, bedbugs also survive in clean places because they consume blood. A bedbug sheds off its skin up to five times when it is growing. A mother bedbug is able to lay up to a hundred eggs in when alive.

Bedbugs may end up at someone’s place through a couple of ways. One of the ways that a person can transfer bedbugs into his place is collecting them from their friends’ houses, schools and sleeping in public areas and hotels infested by bugs. They can be carried home when they stick on clothes and luggage. Once at home, they lay a lot of eggs and may end up finally infesting ones’ home.

People should be careful in looking for bedbug infestations when buying second-hand items to avoid transferring them home. Transferring infested furniture and toys can cause infestation. One method of killing bedbug eggs in curtains, linens and toys is exposing them to heat in drier cycles. Thorough cleaning of second-hand items and suffocating bedbugs in sealed containers could reduce bed bug spread from second-hand items or borrowed toys. Since Bedbugs can go up to two weeks without food, starving them is not a good measure to reduce their spread.

Evidence of bedbug infestation in a house should be reacted to swiftly as they can multiply with time and become hard to deal with. One should start by checking on their mattresses for any signs of bedbug’s existence. Bedbugs are often found on the underside of mattresses and also on their inside. Identifying tiny blood spots in bed sheets could be a sign of bedbugs. If there are many bedbugs, one may notice an unpleasant smell in the sheets.

A thorough search in the room to check the degree of invasion should be carried out if bedbugs or their eggs are found in a room.

In case of a confirmation on bedbug invasion, one should swiftly consult a pest control firm like the Go-Forth Pest control Of Raleigh. Although cleaning to get rid of bedbugs is good, a visit to a pest control firm ensures that persistent bedbugs are completely done with professionally. In addition to this, experts in pest control know particularly where pests are found in houses and thus help in finding them out. You should inform people that might have carried bedbugs from your place through stay and gifts unknowingly. Since bedbugs spread quickly in apartments, it is wise to tell your neighbors to look out for possible infestations before they spread out to level hard to control.